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HA Service

100% uptime, always be available

By using "High Availability Services", you can always be available to your customers and offer your application to your users simultaneously on several data centers, and you no longer have to worry about the interruption and failure of one of your services.

High Availability service means stable and continuous access to a service or system that is available continuously and without interruption. In these systems, technologies and solutions such as load distribution, server duplication, backup and fast recovery are used to provide users with access to the service in case of an error or a part of the system fails.

High Availability service means ensuring stable and uninterrupted access to your service. It is using advanced technologies, even in case of technical problems or unwanted errors. This ensures that your business is always available and ready to receive customers

Service Fatures

HA Service Fatures

Below we see some of the most important features of managed services in any industry or field that provide services or products online.

Load Balancer

The main purpose of the load balancer is to prevent excessive load on a particular node, which can cause performance degradation or service failure. The load balancer usually works based on algorithms such as Round Robin, Least Connections, and Least Response Time to distribute the load evenly among the resources.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring involves ongoing assessment of system performance, security, and status. It includes data collection, analysis, error identification and resolution, and system status reporting. Its goal is sustained system functionality and prompt issue identification and resolution.

Database Replication

Database replication increases data system performance, reliability, and availability. This includes constantly copying and updating data between the primary and secondary databases, ensuring access to the latest data and maintaining availability in the event of a primary database failure.


Backup is a critical aspect of the High Availability service, ensuring consistent access to data and information. Continuous, periodic backups are essential to ensure the availability of the latest data at any given time. Utilizing advanced backup mechanisms without disrupting services ensures security in this service.

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High Availability

High Availability service means ensuring stable and uninterrupted access to your service. using advanced technologies.

Dedicated solutions

Your answer is not from the manual! Rather, we create, build and provide you with specific solutions for your challenges.

Dedicated account manager

To solve any problem in our team, there will be someone with you and this person will be with you from the beginning to the end.

Hot Backup

With the implementation of superior technologies, backup is stored without interruption and without disruption in different storages and other servers.


Maba's operational team of strengthening security features or hardening helps you to set up special security standards and protocols.


In product development, implementation of application architecture and solutions required by your business, our operations team. Your advisor and companion to be more agile.


Some technologies

For our team, it doesn't matter what services you use or what operating system you have installed.

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DevOps Steps

In general, you can follow the steps below when choosing an enterprise DevOps service.


Needs Assessment

  • Understand Client Goals
  • Schedule a meeting
  • information about the client's project

Holding technical meetings.

  • Meeting coordinator
  • Checking the needs assessment form
  • Technical explanations about setting up the service

Client Presentation and Feedback.

  • Preparation
  • Send the proposal to the customer
  • Get infrastructure information

Initial implementation.

  • Entering the operational phase
  • Technical design
  • Delivery

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