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What is DevOps ?

At our Professional DevOps Service, our team consists of experts with proficiency in all layers of IT and DevOps. This team acts as a companion and supporter of your business's macro strategies in the IT department. Using a 360-degree analytical approach, we strive to identify your real needs and opportunities and provide effective solutions at different levels.

Fully Managed Services

These services can help you utilize your server resources more efficiently. You can worry less about setting up, installing, and running infrastructure on your own, allowing you to focus on your core product.

Strengthening the capabilities of the IT team

With this service, you will enhance your IT capabilities and make your IT team more effective without the need to spend more on hiring new staff or setting up additional teams.

Service Fatures

DevOps Service Fatures

Below we see some of the most important features of managed services in any industry or field that provide services or products online.

Monitoring & Observability

To ensure better productivity in your infrastructure, you need to develop an optimal way to monitor workloads. Our services allow you to reduce risks and increase agility by providing a dynamic monitoring system. By proactively monitoring activities, errors, and incidents 24/7/365, we ensure that services are always available and have the required flexibility.

Operations Management

A reliable configuration that keeps processes running without interruption is one of the challenges for organizations with complex infrastructures. Also, the internal configuration and success evaluation of key tests for system evaluation require the expertise of professional experts to carry out the detailed implementation of the infrastructure.

Compliance & Auditing

One of the basic needs of organizations is that all processes and operations are done regularly. Centralization of operations is necessary for the growth and development of products and the development of technical teams. Our team provides this key parameter to companies by seamlessly implementing and configuring the infrastructure.

Governance & Controls

In order to create transparency and show high accuracy in our organization, we provide reports of our different services in different areas. These reports are designed to summarize key performance metrics, include suggestions with cost-savings analyses, and detail errors and performance. All of this is aimed at providing you with quality service.

Special Service

Why choose us?

How can our managed services and DevOps services help your business?

Expert operation team

We offer a range of specializations to solve your problems, including DevOps Automation, Infrastructure Orchestration, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, and more.

Dedicated solutions

Your answer is not from the manual! Instead, we create, build and provide you with specific solutions to your challenges so that we can run your services in the best way possible..

Dedicated technical account manager

To solve any problem, your point of interaction and communication at Devopt will remain consistent with one individual, ensuring continuity from start to finish.

Proactive Monitoring

By implementing advanced monitoring systems and using automatic processes, we will also monitor the health of your services in the application layer.


Maba's operational team of strengthening security features or hardening helps you to set up special security standards and protocols.


To develop product and solutions tailored to your business needs, our operations team acts as your advisor and companion, enabling greater agility.


Some technologies

For our team, it doesn't matter what services you use or what operating system you have installed.

Our Capabilities

DevOps Steps

In general, you can follow the steps below when choosing an enterprise DevOps service.


Needs Assessment

  • Understand Client Goals
  • Schedule a meeting
  • information about the client's project

Holding technical meetings.

  • Meeting coordinator
  • Checking the needs assessment form
  • Technical explanations about setting up the service

Client Presentation and Feedback.

  • Preparation
  • Send the proposal to the customer
  • Get infrastructure information

Initial implementation.

  • Entering the operational phase
  • Technical design
  • Delivery

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