Tired of cracked and broken software…worry no more

Have you had nightmares in the peak of your business bloom when things go haywire because the solution you used in your enterprise failed ? The story is shared among a lot. Business owners seek advice of their IT department who in turn being shy of budget tightness suggest several cracked enterprise solutions that are-in the first glance- promising but then in the nick of the time they fail the very reason they are made for…be it backup, infra services, virtualization, load balancing or high availability etc,etc you name it…

A practice seen in a lot of governmental privet sector companies in Iran is mostly above, or else that would be the long recipe and 4,5,6 digit bill alternative which is again painful to the owners not to forget the obstacles of embargoed rules and cultural barriers.

If you seek the third way which indeed is around is the world of open source solution and free software. A plethora of well and seasoned solutions based on the *nix solutions that address any sizes of business and already proven sources as well. Yet the problem here is the knowledge of this unknown world to the big businesses IT folks and the learning curves here. Yes you guessed right we are here for that gap to fill…acting as a catalyst and bring you alternatives if not yet better; and at the fraction of costs. Our consultancy,deployment and train ing for such solution is that perfect middle way to  give you that ease of mind and shift your focus to the right area..

Please do contact us now and hear us…

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