A poorman’s monitoring solution for personal website

Are you like me running a personal website from scratch? Is it on the tight budget pinching minimal resources and runs on Nginx? Have you ever wondered if there was a monitoring solution that helped you out on the normal web stats, performance and traffic?

Behold amplify is what you must definitely give a shot, it is a SaaS application, currently hosted in AWS. One word of caution is that not all the graphs work out of the box but it holds enough to sustain a good bloody long look into site performance.

The advantage of such tool to me were the below: a. it does not force me into setting up a separate VPS, b.it is addressing the issue of availability if anything happens to the server itself and finally it is cost-free. How does it all work? pretty straight it is a python script that after you sign-up for free get it from your profile from:
It checks your server, installs the amplify plugin and couple of other requirements after you pass it your generated UUID…that is all. You get yourself a good dashboard of reasonably great input regarding your web server performance and the host itself. Enjoy

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