JVM settings on Elasticsearch >=5

I am sure if your data ingestion into elasticsearch is above values like 400,000 daily and in case you are visualizing the pattern in a kibana interface, after some times and no matter how beefy is your server; you will see that the visualization will get hampered once time gauges exceeds week-view. To address this issue and further investigations revealed the culprit to be the JVM RAM size. Now historically the change of the value and in elasticsearch <5 was done in either of the files:

Surprised like me to find out that the conf changes do not take affects? digging more in resources in elastics website I found that the elasticsearch>=5 conf directive for the JAVA parameters is:

Changing the values of Xms1g and Xmx1g to the half your actual RAM allowed me to fix the issue of the kibana data source visualization failures for larger spans like 1 month or 6 months.

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