Nimble little bash tools you stumble upon while drunk…

The other day out of curiosity I just typed in the bash prompt the two letters pw and then tabbed it to see what the bash suggests…the result was completely astonishing…

Trust me, once you get into most of the higher level configuration and administration,you tend to let loose on the tools at the foot. Guess this is shared with many many of veteran system engineers,so read on…

This little guy-oh by the way I presume it is present in kernel at least both in centos7 and Archlinux-can tell you immediately how strong your password is by accepting the input from the command prompt. You simply type in the command and then enter;it waits for your input password and gives the score…apparently to the scale of 100 and above the 50 considered fairly strong passwords.What a nimble tool to tell you without pulling your foot from bash 🙂 immediately where strength of your password stands.

This little guy is also another wonder; I know that there are millions of tools out there for the same purpose, but a bash tool to create passwords based on the entropy you state for it; to spit out random relatively easily pronounceable passwords for you…that is really really cool like Kate Moss not ever losing her charm…

Jumping today and thinking of the good old hdparm; I was trying to think of a way to make the USB stick readable only and I knew from years ago that it is doable. No problem just lsblk to get the drive partition and then as simple as:
$ sudo hdparm -r 1 /dev/ /dev/:
setting readonly to 1 (on)
readonly = 1 (on)

If in anyway you wanted to reverse the writability to back on swap 1 with 0. That is

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